About PaperQA

PaperQA is a professional platform for questions and answers about published papers. Anyone can ask questions and an original author of the paper will answer them. In return, authors get paid, while readers will still enjoy a free service. This is a new concept in the field of scientific publishing where authors usually only get academic credit. The PaperQA team, having been authors themselves, understand that although academic credit is good, it is not sufficient. This is different from other sites (e.g. ResearchGate), where authors are expected to provide service for free.

It is important to note that PaperQA is designed to respect the copyright of the original publishers and authors are prohibited to submit copyrighted material such as publisher’s “full-text pdf”. We believe that only by respecting the copyright law, the publishers (such as IEEE and Elsevier), will continue their existence, which will benefit the humanity as a whole.