Adding a Paper in PaperQA

Step 1) Register and Login . Upon successful login, you will see a black menu bar on top of the page, as shown below. Select “PaperQA” on the left of the black menu bar.

Step 2) Go to “Posts” and select “Add New”

Step 3) Fill in sections a,b,c,d,e shown below

  • a) Title: Use the title of the paper for this.
  • b) Content: This is the most important part of the Post. Basically, you should give a description of your paper in language easier to understand than in the paper. Usually, it is very helpful to review some background material. Prospective users will most likely benefit from such basic material in PaperQA. Remember that execpt for the Abstract, you can not copy/paste from your paper, as the material in the paper is typically copyrighted. To get some ideas, look at some of the Papers already posted in PaperQA.
  • c) Category: Indicate type of the publication. Choose “Uncategorized” if your paper’s category is not listed.
  • d) Tags: Use any keyword that you see fit (such as those listed in the paper itself). You can either use pre-existing ones or type in new ones.
  • e) Featured Image: This is the image that will be shown at the top of the post. You can upload any image you see fit.

Step 4) Submit for review as shown below

The status will change from “Draft” to “Pending Review”.

The PaperQA team will review your post and will make modifications if necessary. Once your paper is published, you will be notified by email.

Please note that while the original paper can be in any language, the notes posted on PaperQA has to be in English.