Error-Controllable Higher-Order EM Analysis of Complex 3D Interconnects with Boundary Element Locally Corrected Nyström Method


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Paper by: M. Shafieipour ; J. Aronsson ; C. Niu ; I. Jeffrey ; V. Okhmatovski

Paper published in: 2014 IEEE 18th Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity (SPI)

Abstract: Full-wave electromagnetic analysis of complex interconnects with efficiently controlled accuracy is performed via higher-order (HO) boundary element Locally Corrected Nyström (LCN) method. To guarantee desired accuracy of electromagnetic analysis in solution of the associated large-scale problem the LCN discretization of the integral equation is accelerated with error-controllable Multi-Level Fast Multipole Algorithm. The HO LCN solution is compared against traditional Rao-Wilton-Glisson Method of Moments solution of the combined field integral equation. It is shown that HO LCN scheme reaches desired precision of full-wave characterization with exponentially lower computational resources.

The work was presented in SPI and the following is the presentation slides.

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