Parallel Fast Higher-Order Solution of Large-Scale Scattering Problems via MLFMA Accelerated Locally Corrected Nystrӧm Discretization of the Magnetic Field Integral Equation: Study of Accuracy and Efficiency


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Paper by: M. Shafieipour, I. Jeffrey, J. Aronsson, and V. Okhmatovski

Paper Published in: 2013 Applied and Computational Electromagnetic Society Conference, Monterey, CA, April 25-30, 2013

Abstract: In this work efficiency and accuracy of a fast parallel error-controllable solver for the large scale scattering problems is studied. The numerical solution is based on higher-order Locally Corrected Nystrӧm discretization of the Magnetic Field Integral Equation utilizing quadrilateral higher-order mesh and Legendre polynomials. Fast matrix-vector multiplication is attained via Multi-Level Fast Multipole Algorithm based on Rokhlin’s plane-wave translators. The object-oriented implementation of the method is parallelized for distributed memory multiprocessors using Message Passing Interface. The study is conducted on the example of radial electric dipole field scattering on a PEC sphere allowing for reliable verification of the achieved correct digits in the solution. Elimination of solution error arising from geometrical approximation of the spherical surface is done through formation of exact spherical surface via analytic cube-to-sphere mapping.

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